>Fill in the Blank Friday – A Little Bit About Me

18 Feb


It’s that time of the week again! Time to collapse in a heap of happy exhaustion! Here’s a little bit more about me (not that you asked, but I don’t care)!

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  1. I am… pretty chill, really. I suppose you could say I’ve “mellowed.” I like reading shit on the internets (and those old-fashioned things, you know, where they printed out pages and glued them together). I recently got back into knitting and I’m hoping it will lead to other creative endeavours that have been sadly neglected. I like writing too. I’ve got three (yes, THREE!) mischievous kitties that I will talk smack about a lot – but don’t you try it. I like to talk and have opinions on most everything, though I love to hear what you think, too.
  2. The bravest thing I’ve ever done was… oh geez. Well that’s not a fair question. Anything I say is going to sound lame and/or self-congratulatory. I suppose it depends on your definition, but you could say that having three cats takes some courage!
  3. I feel prettiest when… I’m healthy.
  4. Something that keeps me awake at night is… oh everything. First of all I’m a night owl. If left to my own devices I’ll end up on a schedule that has me going to bed at like 4 a.m. Also I’m a worrier. I’ll lie awake worrying about work, things I have to do the next day, how messy the house is… or I’ll go back to worrying about where my life is going. That one’s always good for some tossing and turning! And if all that fails, the cats never do. They know when I’m sinking into a blissful slumber and choose that exact moment to jump on my head.
  5. My favourite meal in the entire world is… I have to pick just one?? I love veggies if they’re done right, and my Dad’s Christmas dinner is up there (although after an unfortunate Norwalk incident a few years back I’m not so crazy about nut loaf…)
  6. The way to my heart is… kind words and deeds, intelligent conversation and LOTS of hugs. Also helps if you’re nice to my books, my people and my cats.
  7. I would like to… travel. Haven’t had a vacation in a decade and can’t wait to get the f**k outta here to somewhere warm, yo!
Cheers to Lauren over at the little things we do for the FITBF questions! Head on over and share your answers…


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