>Make-It Monday – Yarn, yarn and more yarn!!

8 Mar


Big ‘ole rainbow in a bag!

Here’s my big bag of inspiration! Since I started knitting again to keep these idle hands from trouble, I’ve finished one project and started a few new ones! Aside from the hat fiasco, I have started a few scarves – a motorcycle scarf for my dad, a basic scarf with the yarn left over from the hat, and last but not least, this merino wool scarf:

Yay! Scarf in the making…

Now I know it don’t look like much, but I’m stoked because it’s super soft and cosy! I may have to make a blanket like this bad boy, just ‘cos it’s so soft and warm. Hopefully I’ll finish it up soon – just in time for spring and warmer weather. Le sigh. Oh well, I’ll have a reason to look forward to winter, for once!

I’ve been looking around a lot online – both for yarn and patterns. There are some great sites out there for both. My favourite yarn shop is Jimmy Beans Yarn, which has a great selection, charges very reasonable shipping costs and has the best online customer service I’ve ever encountered! Seriously, these guys will let you know right away if something isn’t in stock, they’ll go to a ton of effort to recommend yarn that works with your pattern and even calculated out how many skeins of yarn fit into one of their envelopes so I’d know what size to make my orders for cheap shipping! Awesome.

Back to the needles…

Bonus shot of Hera with her best “who, me?” expression.

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